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Automated Metering Infrastructure (AMI) Meters

AMI electrical meter


CVE uses digital meters which helps the co-op operate more efficiently, improve reliability, and serve you better.

Automated Metering Infrastructure (AMI) meters are electrical meters that record the consumption of electricity and sends that information back to CVE. These meters differ from traditional meters because there is a wireless module installed in the meter which allows for two-way wireless communication (much like a cell phone) between the meter and the co-op. These meters provide many benefits to both the co-op and its members. Benefits include near real-time meter readings, faster more efficient response time to outages, which will allow CVE to restore power in a timely and cost effective manner.




Operating more efficiently helps CVE keep costs down for members.

  • With data from the meter coming to the co-ops office, we will be able to remotely read your meter. Remote meter reading, remote reconnects, and in some cases remote disconnects, means co-op employees will spend less time on the road.
  • Information coming from the AMI meters will allow the co-op to monitor the system in near real-time and correct problems and inefficiencies.



New tools for diagnosing problems and disruptions help CVE improve reliability for members.

  • With more detailed information about what is happening in the field, CVE will be able to respond faster to outages: the new meters tell the co-op when and where there is an outage or distrubance including the detection of hot sockets.
  • With more data CVE can also improve power quality by monitoring loads on transformers and service drops.
  • More data enables the co-op to provide more accurate information about outages and restoration times.



  • Using CVE's SMARTHUB, online bill pay service, members can track their electric use which might help diagnose problems leading to high energy bills.



AMI meters will only register the amount of energy you use, not how you use energy, nor will it allow CVE to control any aspect of your energy use.


For more information please visit our Frequently Asked Questions section.



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