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Recently, CVE mailed out a letter to members informing them of a proposed directive from the Construction Industries Division (CID). This directive will have a negative impact on CVE, its members and the safety of co-op employees, the membership and the general public.

The directive was set to go into effect July 1. However, after CVE along with most of the distribution cooperatives in New Mexico, Xcel Energy and a few oil companies met with the CID to express their concerns and a 60 day extension was granted.

At this point no resolution has been determined. We will keep you informed on this issue as information comes available.

Click HERE to view a copy of the letter and for more information on this important issue.

September update:

Martin Romero, Acting Director for the Construction Industries Division (CID), announced on September 4, 2018 that the noted directive in the attached letter, will be delayed for another 30 day period, which would be October 1.  This will allow additional time for all involved parties to determine new processes for inspection.  There is discussion about designating another third party, separate from CID, to perform the required inspections.  CVE will keep you posted as news becomes available.


September 13 update:

This topic has been delayed another 30 days, making the deadline October 31. 

At this point, it appears that well-owners would have to get a NM licensed contractor to perform the work. The contractor would have to sign a statement saying that the work is in compliance with applicable electrical codes and that the contractor is liable for the work. The work would be inspected by a nationally certified inspector under the same standards used now by the CID. There would be a link on the CID website to the national registry of certified inspectors to allow customers and utilities to confirm that an inspector is qualified. This entire process would be mandated by either Commission rule or utility tariff. CID is supposed to provide a written response to the question of which facilities are no longer going to be inspected by CID. There are other specifics within the directive that have not been resolved. CVE continues to be actively involved in the process and will continue to insist on safety for our employees, members and the community. 

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